Compassionate and Professional Care

Culture and Belief

Perhaps there is no other occasion in one's life when belief about life and death become so important as when a loved one has died.

For those who have a religious or philosophical belief, this can be expressed very movingly in a funeral. Often this presents a strong feeling of hope and comfort for the bereaved.

If the bereaved and/or the deceased have no particular religious or philosophical belief, the funeral ceremony may use its scope to express other aspects of life - often the immediate family will opt for a celebration of the deceased's life.

Because Australia contains so many different cultures from all parts of the world, elements from those cultures can be included to create a deeply personal, vivid, colourful, significant and powerful ceremony. It is particularly interesting to see different beliefs and cultural systems interwoven into a completely unique presentation for the ceremony, enabling those who are present to express their feelings and thoughts in different ways while also joining together in mourning, remembrance and tribute.

A good funeral celebrant will be able to create a ceremony that most appropriately expresses the feelings of the immediate family, does justice to the tribute of the deceased, and offers a moving occasion for all present.

funeral celebrant

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