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A funeral enables you to say goodbye. It is a defining moment, and forms a clear point of memory for the future. It also enables a formal or ceremonial expression of grief and remembrance and honouring of the dead.

Because of this, it can be of great help for you to take part in the funeral, perhaps by reading the eulogy, perhaps by reading a poem, or by saying a few words, or by putting flowers onto the coffin.

Whether you prefer to do more or less in the funeral is completely your choice.

Other family members may wish to be involved - by giving a PowerPoint presentation, by reading a poem or excerpt, by saying a few words, by singing, by participating with a dance or a candle-lighting ceremony, or by creating a special and unique form of involvement.

Close friends of the deceased may also be involved. If friends or members of a club in which your loved one was involved wish to perform a gesture of tribute, that can add a very moving aspect to the ceremony.

However you wish to or need to say goodbye and to remember and honour the one you've lost, that can be done. Remember, funerals don't need to follow any formalised pattern.

funeral celebrant

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