Compassionate and Professional Care


The task of a funeral celebrant involves a great deal of involved work, gathering information and putting it together very quickly and yet without impairing correct detail under the pressure of such an intense timetable.

The fee of a funeral celebrant includes all the time taken with the family - as long as is needed; all the follow-up time; the time taken in writing the ceremony (often including the eulogy); organising and checking and finalising the order of ceremony; liaising with the funeral director to see that the wishes of the family are conveyed and that the order of service to be printed is correct; and conducting the actual ceremony with all the appropriate conveyance in dignity, sympathy and professionalism.

If hired through the Funeral Director, the fee will be included in the Funeral Director's total and will not be negotiated separately between the immediate family and the celebrant.

If hired by the family directly, my standard fee as Funeral Celebrant is $750.00

This includes preparation and presentation in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Other languages may be included by request.

funeral celebrant

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