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Funeral outline

One of the most interesting things about funerals is that there is very little outline.

Funerals have changed during the last years. A traditional funeral is still chosen in many instances, and it can be a very beautiful expression of the family's loss and love, as well as their hope. But there are also other choices for a funeral that is non-traditional, or which uses traditional elements from other cultures. This can lead to a wonderful variety of the basic funeral - largely traditional but with an unusual element; completely fantastical but with one traditional element; and so on.

The basic structure may be described in this way:
  • Welcome
  • Introduction and discourse on life and death. (Possible inclusion of scriptures or philosophical excerpts)
  • Eulogy
  • Inclusion (family & friends say a few words)
  • Readings
  • Music
  • Committal

However, this basic structure can be re-arranged in almost any way. There may be more music; there may be no readings; there may be magic tricks; there may be a video presentation; there may be a group activity. The order of things may be changed completely.

The committal may be at the graveside or in the crematorium chapel. Perhaps only immediate family are asked to be present at the graveside. Perhaps all the mourners are welcome to be present at a scattering of the ashes. Perhaps only family and close friends are permitted to be at the cremation. The choice is up to the immediate family.

The funeral outline is discussed and settled upon when the celebrant visits the family, and should involve deep and thorough communication with the bereaved.

funeral celebrant

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