Compassionate and Professional Care

The Funeral

Funeral outline: One of the most interesting things about funerals is that there is very little outline.
Funerals have changed during the last years. A traditional funeral is still chosen in many instances, and it can be a very beautiful expression of the family's loss and love, as well as their hope. But there are also other choices for a funeral that is non-traditional, or which uses traditional elements from other cultures.. » more

Culture & Belief: Perhaps there is no other occasion in one's life when belief about life and death become so important as when a loved one has died.
For those who have a religious or philosophical belief, this can be expressed very movingly in a funeral. Often this presents a strong feeling of hope and comfort for the bereaved.
If the bereaved and/or the deceased have no particular religious or philosophical belief, the funeral ceremony may use its scope to express other aspects of life - often the immediate family will opt for a celebration of the deceased's life. » more

funeral celebrant

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