Compassionate and Professional Care

Why a Celebrant?

Funeral Celebrant role: The professionalism of a first-class funeral celebrant enables a beautifully organised, smoothly conducted and eloquently presented ceremony that creates a moving and fitting tribute to the person who has died. » more

Participation: A funeral enables you to say goodbye. It is a defining moment, and forms a clear point of memory for the future. It also enables a formal or ceremonial expression of grief and remembrance and honouring of the dead. » more

Readings and Eulogy: The eulogy is perhaps the most important part of a funeral. It is a speech or poem which functions as a tribute to the deceased, and because of this importance, it must be well-crafted and shaped to encompass not only the person's achievements, but also his or her very self. » more

Music & more: Music has a powerful effect upon the human soul; it can inspire, move, give utterance to grief, peal out with joy, provide a sweet solace, bring smiles, create laughter, spread a canopy of comfort. It makes us feel and experience; it is not surprising that music plays an important part in funerals. » more

funeral celebrant

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